Nature of Belief Seminar Series

Please join us for presentations and discussion at the Nature of Belief Seminar Series. The series is open to the public, hosted by Tania Lombrozo and Neil Van Leeuwen, and funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.
Below you will find information about our upcoming sessions, which will include a presentation of about 50 minutes followed by about 10 minutes of questions. Indicated times are in the Eastern Timezone (EST: UTC−05:00; EDT: UTC−04:00). Zoom links will be shared on this webpage prior to each session.
Friday, Oct. 29: Gale Sinatra, “Science Denial: The Role of Emotions, Motivations, and Epistemic Beliefs” (11am-12pm EDT)
Friday, Dec. 10: Matt Graham, “The Nature of Partisan Belief Differences” (11am-12pm EST)
Friday, Dec. 17: Jan De Houwer, “Implicit Beliefs: A Functional-Cognitive Perspective” (11am-12pm EST)
Friday, Feb. 4: Giuliana Mazzoni, “Not Believing Personal Memories: When Memory and Belief Compete, Which One Wins?” (9am-10am EST)
Friday, Feb. 25: Linda Skitka, “The Social and Political Implications of Morally Convicted Beliefs” (9am-10am EST)
Friday, Mar. 11: Chaz Firestone, (Ir)rational Perceptual Beliefs (9am-10am EST)
This talk is no longer available on YouTube.
Friday, Apr. 8: Elizabeth Marsh, “Updating Beliefs” (9am-10am EDT)
This talk will not be uploaded to YouTube.
Friday, Apr. 22: Louis Sass, “Double Bookkeeping: On the Nature of (Some) Delusional Beliefs” (9am-10am EDT)
Friday, Jul. 29: Hugo Mercier, "Mistaken beliefs, gullibility, and atrocities” (11am-12pm EDT)

Belief Seminar Schedule